Meet Our Staff


Rev. Brian Krueger
Phone: 920-994-9060
Amy Lawrenz
Bulletin Secretary

Amy collects announcements for the bulletin. If you have an announcement, contact Amy. If you have a something for the prayer sheet, contact the pastor.

Phone: 920-838-3137



We have a number of part-time organists for our church. We are blest to have them. If you have the ability and are willing to play, contact the church.

Phone: Contact Pastor @ 920-994-9060
Youth Program
Youth Director

We would love to have a full-time youth director. Interested? Right now the youth group is handled by the Board of Education and some outstanding parent and member volunteers.

Phone: 920-994-9060

Office Hours:

The Board of Education usually meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.